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Common Crane 19-20
Great Northern Diver 19-20
Fieldfare 19-20
Spotted Crake 2020
Barn Swallow 2020
Common House Martin 2020
Southern Water Vole 16-19
Coypu 17-20
Common wall gecko 16-19
Painted Frog 11-19
Midwife Toad 17-19
Mosquitofish 16-19
Painted Lady 2019
Large Tortoiseshell 2019
Apollo 17-19
Vagrant Emperor 2019
Large Red Damsel 16-19
Cophopodisma pyrenaea 17-20
Tettigettalna argentata 15-20
Barlia robertiana 2020
Ophrys forestieri 2020
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Committees and managers
Comitè :
 Marc Anton (Administració - ICO)
 Antoni Arrizabalaga (Mamífers - Museu de Granollers)
 Guillem Bagaria own website : (Orquídies - GOC)
 Lluís Brotons (CREAF i CTFC)
 Joan Estrada Bonell own website : (Ocells - ICO)
 Daniel Fernandez Guiberteau own website : (Rèptil i amfibis)
 Martí Franch own website : (Administració - ICO)
 Gabriel Gargallo (ICO)
 David Guixé (Mamífers (CTFC))
 Sergi Herrando Vila (Coordinador - ICO)
 Michael Lockwood (Odonats - Oxygastra)
 Josep Maria Olmo Vidal (Ortòpters)
 Marc Ordeix (Peixos, Bivalves i Crancs de riu - Museu del Ter)
 Pere Pons own website : (Cigales - UdG /
 Eudald Pujol Buxó (Rèptils i amfibis - SCH)
 Constantí Stefanescu (Ropalòcers - Museu de Granollers)
 Dani Villero Pi (Rèptil i amfibis - AHE)
Validators :
 Parc Natural Alt Pirineu (All groups)
 Carlos Alvarez-Cros own website : (All groups)
 Iris Anfruns Fernandez (Marine mammals)
 Marc Anton (All groups)
 Antoni Arrizabalaga (All groups)
 Guillem Bagaria own website : (Orchids)
 Josep M. Bas (Cicadas)
 Jordi Baucells Colomer own website : (All groups)
 Pere Baucells Colomer (Birds)
 Pedro Bescós (All groups)
 Support Biolovision (All groups)
 Jaume Bonfil Solsona (All groups)
 Gerard Bota Cabau (All groups)
 Jordi Brú (Orchids)
 Albert Burgas (All groups)
 Antoni Canals Gelada (Orchids)
 Gerard Carbonell (Amphibians, Reptiles)
 David Cardenas (All groups)
 Oriol Clarabuch (All groups)
 Beth Cobo own website : (All groups)
 Aleix Comas (All groups)
 José Luis Copete own website : (All groups)
 Jordi Corbera (All groups)
 Gerard Dalmau (All groups)
 Jordi Dantart (All groups)
 Gaëtan Delaloye (All groups)
 Alfons Delgado-Garcia own website : (All groups)
 Pere Espinet own website : (Orchids)
 Joan Estrada Bonell own website : (Birds)
 Jordi Faus (Butterflies, Dragonflies)
 Ponç Feliu (All groups)
 David Fernandez (Amphibians, Reptiles)
 Daniel Fernandez Guiberteau own website : (All groups)
 Joan Ferrer (All groups)
 Eduard Filella i Subirà (All groups)
 Ferran Fontelles (All groups)
 Damià Francàs (Orchids)
 Martí Franch own website : (All groups)
 David Funosas (All groups)
 Marc Fusellas (Cicadas)
 Marc Gálvez own website : (All groups)
 Ernest Garcia (All groups)
 Manolo García (All groups)
 Sergi Garcia (All groups)
 Alejandro García Salmerón (Amphibians, Reptiles)
 Josep Garcia-Moreno Marchan (All groups)
 Gabriel Gargallo (All groups)
 Marcel Gil Velasco own website : (All groups)
 Ferran Gonzàlez-Prat (Orchids)
 David Guixé (All groups)
 Marc Illa Llobet own website : (All groups)
 Jordi Jubany (All groups)
 Xavi Larruy (All groups)
 Michael Lockwood (All groups)
 Francesc Lopez (Orchids)
 Adrià López-Baucells (Bats)
 Pere Luque (All groups)
 Antoni Mariné own website : (All groups)
 Ricardo Martín (Dragonflies)
 Xavier Maynou (All groups)
 Javi Mendoza Osorio (All groups)
 Adrià Miralles own website : (Dragonflies)
 Albert Montori (All groups)
 Quim Muñoz (All groups)
 Josep Maria Olmo Vidal (Orthoptera)
 Marc Ordeix (Mussels, Fishes, Crayfishes)
 Santiago Palazon (All groups)
 Oscar Pauner own website : (All groups)
 Vittorio Pedrocchi (All groups)
 Josep Planes (All groups)
 Pere Pons own website : (All groups)
 Jordi Prat (Orchids)
 Ico Proves (Cicadas, Orchids, Orthoptera)
 Xavier Puig (Bats)
 Eudald Pujol Buxó (Amphibians, Reptiles)
 Daniel Roca (All groups)
 Xavier Sanjuan Samarra (Orchids)
 Roger Sanmartí own website : (All groups)
 Cyril Schönbächler (biolovision) (All groups)
 José Manuel Sesma (All groups)
 Constantí Stefanescu (All groups)
 Arnau Tolrà own website : (All groups)
 Sergi Torné (Orchids)
 Sergi Torné own website : (Orchids)
 Ignasi Torre (All groups)
 Fran Trabalon own website : (All groups)
 Andreu Ubach (Butterflies)
 Joan Ventura (All groups)
 Jordi Vila (Orchids)
 Roger Vila Ujaldon (All groups)
 David Vilasís Boix (Orchids)
Users allowed to manage localities :
 Marc Anton
 Ico Apps
 Support Biolovision
 David Cardenas
 David Cardenas
 Roger Caritg
 Oriol Clarabuch
 Gaëtan Delaloye
 Martí Franch own website :
 Gabriel Gargallo
 Marcel Gil Velasco own website :
 Cyril Schönbächler (biolovision)
 Constantí Stefanescu
 Andreu Ubach
System administrators :
 Marc Anton
 Ico Apps
 Support Biolovision
 David Cardenas
 Roger Caritg
 Oriol Clarabuch
 Gaëtan Delaloye
 Carles Durà
 Martí Franch own website :
 Gabriel Gargallo
 Marcel Gil Velasco own website :
 Sergi Herrando Vila
 Marc Illa Llobet own website :
 Jennifer Meinen
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